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About Us

Single Sex Prisons WA was founded on November 26th, 2020 after the WA Department of Justice announced the implementation of a policy which removed sex-segregation provisions from within WA penal facilities.

SSPWA is a coalition of political lobbyists, researchers, analysts, legal experts, community figures, ex-incarcerated females, activists, campaigners and concerned WA residents.


Our Principles

1. SSPWA maintains that prisons, jails and other penal facilities in Western Australia must be segregated by biological sex.

2. SSPWA does not object to provisions for improving the welfare of at-risk prisoners and detainees to the extent that those provisions do not compromise sex-segregation within WA penal facilities.

3. SSPWA maintains that biological sex and “gender identity” should not be conflated, particularly in regards to legislation, policies and other formal, legal and official documentation.

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The Review

We undertook an extensive review of  new corrections policy COPP 4.6 and have since published our full review, "Commissioner’s Operating Policy and Procedure (COPP) 4.6
Trans, Gender Diverse and Intersex Prisoners: Review, Report and

We identified 83 key issues. There are over 250 secondary issues in addition to the 83 key issues that were identified.
The provisions on placement of “trans,” “non-binary” and intersex prisoners effectively serves to remove sex-segregation from the WA prison/penal system on the basis of self-identification.


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